Our company is a collection of outstanding people who strive to build quality products

PT. Best Plastic Indonesia has long been established in the West Jakarta. We are specialist in the manufacture and processing of both recycled and new material plastic products. We have extensive experience and advanced technology to serve you better.

Our company have been continuously updating our product design and quality to meet our customers expectations. Under the PT BPI, we have Miami brand, the quality and design have been recognized in many domestic markets. In the future we will develop more brands and different products to meet your needs and pursuing the best in the plastic industry.

PT BPI prioritizes customer satisfaction as the core of our business, and at the same time employ environmentally friendly processes. The recycled plastic use by PT BPI allows us to make better use of resources and contribute to environmental protection, making for a more beautiful Indonesia.

If you have any needs related to the manufacture and contract processing of plastic products, please contact us.